Warkworth is a busy parish with numerous requests for wedding bookings. The parish staff welcome these as a vital part of the Church’s ministry, but are also keen that our lovely church buildings are not simply for hire.

Please click on the link below to review the Parish Wedding Booklet.

Wedding Booklet



Baptism is a significant step in the life of a child. It is the beginning of the journey of faith toward the God who gives life; a journey whereby we grow in our relationship with a loving God.

While the majority of baptisms at Warkworth are of infants and children, it is always a delight when an adult seeks to express their commitment to Christ in this way.

Baptism is more than a private family celebration. It marks the child’s entry into the Christian Community, whose love and care will support parents in their responsibility for the Christian upbringing of their child. This is the reason baptisms are held during the Sunday Service at one of our churches.

Initial conversations regarding baptism are to be held with the Priest-in-Charge.

Please click on the link below to view the Parish Baptism Booklet.

Baptism Booklet



Those who were baptized as children often wish to make a mature affirmation of the baptismal promises made on their behalf by their parents and sponsors. This affirmation is done through the sacrament of confirmation, in the presence of a bishop. Please contact the office for details.


A Christian funeral is a service performed by the Christian community for the benefit of the dead.  It expresses the sorrow of the survivors, yet it always has a Paschal Character.  Ultimately, we die in Christ so as to celebrate with Him the feast of the Resurrection.

Funeral directors normally liaise with the Vicar or other priest of the parish and deceased family, relatives and friends to organise a Funeral.   A Priest as soon as possible after being notified will contact the deceased’s family to offer support and spiritual guidance during your time of loss, and to discuss the format of the Funeral.

Ministry is offered to bereaved families irrespective of their church affiliation, and every effort is made to provide a funeral service which is appropriate to the circumstances of the deceased and their family. 

Where the service is held in one of the church buildings, the reception that follows may be held in the Parish Lounge at Warkworth or the Leigh church hall if they are available.