We welcome enquiries from couples seeking a Christian wedding.  Services will usually be taken by the Rev in charge or another member of the parish clergy team.

More information may be found in our Wedding Booklet.



We respond positively to all enquiries from baptisms (Christening a child is another term for the same thing).  This journey begins with a conversation with the Rev in chrage in the first instance.  Find more informaiton in our Baptism Booklet.




Funeral directors normally liaise with the Rev in charge or other priest of the parish and deceased family, relatives and friends to organise a funeral.   A Priest as soon as possible after being notified will contact the bereaved family to offer support and spiritual guidance, and to discuss the format of the service.  Ministry is offered to bereaved families irrespective of their church affiliation, and every effort is made to provide a funeral service which is appropriate to the circumstances of the deceased and their family. 

Where the service is held in one of the church buildings, the reception that follows may be held in the parish lounge at Warkworth or the Leigh church hall if they are available.

We believe that children of all ages should be a full and active part of the worshipping community, for this reason we established our children's charter.

A Charter for Children in the Church

  • Children are equal partners with adults in the life of the church
  • The full diet of Christian worship is for children as well as adults
  • Learning is for the whole church, adults and children
  • Fellowship is for all - each belonging meaningfully to the rest
  • Service is for the children to give, as well as adults
  • The call to evangelism comes to all God's people of whatever age
  • The Holy Spirit speaks powerfully through children as well as adults
  • The discovery and development of gifts in children and adults is a key function of the church
  • As a church community we must learn to do only those things in separate age groups which we cannot in all conscience do together
  • The concept of 'the priesthood of all believers’' includes children


The Warkworth Anglican Parish trust was established on 7th July 2005.


The Purposes of the Trust are:

  • To advance the Christian religion in the Parish of Warkworth in accordance with the principles, teachings and practices of the Anglican Church.
  • To support the charitable works conducted by the Anglican Church in the Parish of Warkworth.
  • To provide or maintain places of worship for the Anglican Church in the Parish of Warkworth.
  • To provide assistance to poor persons in the Parish of Warkworth.
  • To carry on any other charitable objective within New Zealand which may seem to be capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above charitable objects or calculated directly or indirectly to advance the religion.

The trust is administered by a Board of at least four members.  These Trustees are appointed by the Parish of Warkworth at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish.


1876 - 1881 Rev Hart Sparling
1906 - 1911 Rev Kenneth Teale
1911 - 1920 Rev Ronald MacDonald
1920 - 1921 Rev John Hawksworth
1911 - 1927 Rev Charles Addenbrooke
1927 - 1939 Rev Frederick Hart
1939 - 1946 Rev J.B Rushworth
1946 - 1952 Rev Geoffrey Adams
1952 - 1957 Rev David Dunningham
1957 - 1959 Very Rev Dean Charles Chandler
1959 - 1964 Revd Maourice Rounthwaite
1964 - 1967 Rev Frank Coulthard
1967 - 1975 Rev Dick Miles
1976 - 1986 Revd Ngati - Pare Nathan
1986 - 1987 Revd Malcolm Clague, Revd Jackie Sewell
1987 - 1999 Revd Frank Lawrence
2000 - 2007 Revds Judy and Stewart Vause

2000 - 2009 Revd Judy Vause 

2009 - 2016 Revd Jan Olsen

2016 - 2017 Revd Noel Cox (Priest in Charge)
2017 - 2018 Revd Ellen Bernstein
2018 - now  Rt Rev Jim White



Rev Ronald MacDonald


Rev Charles Addenbrooke


Rev Frederick Hart 


Rev J.B Rushworth


Rev Geoffrey Adams


Rev David Dunningham


Very Rev Dean Charles Chandler


Revd Maourice Rounthwaite


Rev Frank Coulthard


Rev Dick Miles


Rev Ngati - Pare Nathan


Revd Malcolm Clague


Revd Jackie Sewell


Revd Frank Lawrence


Revs. Stewart & Judy Vause


Revd Judy Vause

jan 4

Revd Jan Olsen

Rev'd Noel Cox


Revd Noel Cox

Revd Ellen Bernstein

We provide many opportunities for study, discussion, enrichment and fellowship through the various Bible study events and Small Bible Study groups that take place around the Parish, as well as the sermons given by clergy at regular services. The Christian meditation group also allows people to explore different espects of their faith.

NZ Diploma in Christian Studies

Have you thought about adding study to your faith journey?

From 2017 St John’s College will deliver courses that lead to the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies in the Dioceses of Auckland, Wellington, Waiapu with Waikato/Taranaki and Christchurch.                                                                              

In Auckland there are classes over three years on a part time basis. The classes are on a Thursday evening from 6-9pm. Fees are paid by St John’s College Trust Board. Enrolment is essential. 

For more information